Biden to try to allay Democratic governors’ “fears”

3 Temmuz 2024 09:15



As 25 members of the House of Representatives are reportedly preparing to call for his resignation, the President blames global travel for the lacklustre debate.

Joe Biden will meet with Democratic governors on Wednesday. The president is facing mounting polls and calls to withdraw his candidacy, including from a Democrat in Congress.

Officials said Tuesday that Biden will meet with governors and Capitol Hill leaders this week to reassure them of his qualifications and address growing discontent among party leaders after his debate performance against Donald Trump last week.

At a campaign event in Virginia on Tuesday evening, Biden blamed his poor debate performance on his international travels ahead of the event, saying:

“I didn’t act very wisely. Before the debate … I decided to travel around the world several times, going through about 100 time zones. I didn’t listen to my team, and when I returned, I almost fell asleep on stage. That’s not an excuse but an explanation.”


Albania News Agency

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