Blinken: Israeli forces must leave Gaza

14 Mayıs 2024 01:20



Blinken said on Sunday that Israel’s methods have failed to neutralise Hamas leaders and have led to ‘horrific losses of innocent civilians.’

According to Blinken, the terrorist organisation Hamas has re-emerged in parts of Gaza, and the “coercive actions” of Israeli forces in the embattled border city of Rafah risk leaving Israel with a protracted insurgency in its wake.

“Or if they walk out of Gaza, which we think they should, there will be a vacuum that will probably be filled by anarchic chaos and ultimately by Hamas again”, Blinken told CBS News.

According to the Secretary of State, the United States is working to develop credible plans for the future management and reconstruction of Gaza.

Secretary of State Blinken also reiterated the findings of a recent State Department report that Israel has acted in some instances in violation of international law. This takes into account the damage caused by the war to civilians in Gaza.

However, the report concludes that Israel has not violated US law governing the availability of US military assistance.


America News Agency

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