Reactions from around the world to Trump’s guilty verdict

31 Mayıs 2024 15:22



Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban posted on X: “I know President Donald Trump is a man of honour. As President, he always put America first, earned respect around the world and used that respect to build peace. Let the people decide this November! Keep fighting, Mr. President!” he wrote.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said: “It is a political process. Solidarity and full support for Donald Trump, victim of judicial harassment. In Italy, we are unfortunately familiar with the weaponization of the justice system by the left, given that for years, political opponents have been eliminated by legal means. I hope Trump wins; it will guarantee a greater balance and a hope for world peace.

British opposition leader Keir Starmer told BBC Radio Scotland that the Labour government in London would “work with whoever” the Americans chose as president.

“We respect the decision of the court, the independent court. There is some process of sentencing and appeal. But we are dealing with an unprecedented situation. There is no doubt about that.”

Starmer continued: “Ultimately, it will be a matter for the American people whether or not they elect a president, and frankly if we are privileged to serve, we will work with whomever they choose as president.”


Albania News Agency

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