Thomson Foundation: Young Journalist Award 2024 is open for submissions

2 Temmuz 2024 16:57



For over a decade, the Thomson Foundation has celebrated outstanding young talent in the media profession through this prestigious award. This is your opportunity to join a legacy of impactful journalism and make your mark on the world stage.

Journalists aged 30 or under from countries with a Gross National Income (GNI) per capita of less than 20,000 dollars can apply for the competition. “Do you have a story to inspire, inform, and instigate change? This competition is your platform to showcase your work and connect with a global network of influential journalists,” reads the invitation from the Thomson Foundation.

The invitation also underlined the advantages of the competition for the journalists as follows:

Global Recognition: Winners and finalists gain international exposure, enhancing their professional credibility.

Networking Opportunities: Meet and network with leading figures in journalism at the prestigious Foreign Press Association (FPA) Awards in London.

Exclusive Visits: Finalists will be flown to London to visit top media houses, providing a unique insight into world-class journalism.

Career Advancement: The connections and experiences gained through this award can open doors to new avenues and opportunities in your journalism career.

In the call, candidates were directed to the Thomson Foundation website to apply for the competition.

Albania News Agency

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