Von der Leyen vows to fight for a strong Europe

10 Haziran 2024 08:02



According to preliminary results, far-right parties came first in France, Italy and Austria and second in Germany and the Netherlands. In contrast, centre-right parties are expected to win a majority in the European Parliament.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen declared victory for the EPP coalition in the European Parliament elections last night. In her speech, Leyen said that despite the gains made by the centre parties in the elections, they have a substantial majority in the European Parliament.

Von der Leyen said that the EPP represents an anchor of stability in Europe and that voters showed their confidence in the leadership of the party group at the polls yesterday. She said she would start talks with the major party groups.

Von der Leyen said the election results represented a considerable responsibility for the centre parties because of the gains made by fringe parties on both wings. Forces from both inside and outside are trying to weaken European societies. “We will never let that happen,” Von der Leyen said, vowing to fight daily for a strong Europe.

Albania News Agency

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